RPMS Promote the Vote 2021

Beginning during the 2019-2020 school year, Mrs. Kaci Stevens (current 7th grade RPMS Social Studies teacher), took on the responsibility of ensuring that our students at Rod Paige Middle School participated in the Promote the Vote Program. Promote the Vote (PTV) is the Secretary of State Office’s comprehensive K-12 voter education program. This year’s theme, “Vote Local,” encourages students to learn about local offices and challenges them to consider a candidate who can make a difference in their respective communities. Participants have the opportunity to "campaign" and "run for office" during school-organized mock elections and apply other skills through various PTV contests, such as art and essay contests. Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s (MPB) Education Department is partnered with the Agency to encourage school, teacher, and student participation through contests on social media.
Although there are no current local elections taking place in Lawrence County, we believe that it is very important to the overall development of our students to teach them about the voting process and the importance of voting. This year RPMS students participated in a Gallery Walk that allowed them to learn the history of the voting process, as well as, a Cartoon Contest, a Digital Art Contest, and a MPB Social Media contest all associated with the Promote the Vote Program. Students work was judged by Superintendent, Dr. Titus Hines; Principal, Cassie Bridges; Assistant Principal, Joshua Yeager, Sheriff, Ryan Everett; and Circuit Clerk, Sandy Brister.