Rod Paige Middle School Receives PREPS "Growth Awards"

LCSD Classes Earn PREPS "Growth Awards"

Three Lawrence County School District grades/subjects have been awarded "Growth Awards" through the Program of Research and Evaluation for Public Schools, or PREPS.
Qualification for these awards was determined by taking the 2019 average scale score for each tested grade/subject and comparing it with the school's 2021 (pandemic) average scale score. If the score was higher than in 2019, the grade qualified to receive a PREPS "Growth Award".
Over 80 school districts in Mississippi had schools that met the methodology to receive an award. The awards did not include the tested areas of US History, Science 5 or Science 8.
In Lawrence County School District, grades/subjects receiving Growth Awards were Topeka Tilton Attendance Center 5th Grade ELA, Rod Paige Middle School 7th Grade ELA, and Rod Paige Middle School 7th Grade Math.